The knowledgeable professionals at Pegasus Fiduciary Services, LLC help individuals and families by acting as court-appointed trustee, conservator and personal representative.

Flexible. Professional. Experienced.

Pegasus Fiduciary Services provides professional fiduciary services to individuals and families who require assistance with managing or settling an estate. Our fiduciaries are lawyers and legal assistants with backgrounds in trusts and estates, income and estate tax, and business law.



Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Serve as court-appointed trustee for small and large trusts, either as a successor trustee after a trustor is no longer able or willing to manage trust affairs, or as trustee of a trust established for one or more beneficiaries.

Probate Conservatorship


Act as conservator for individuals who are no longer able to manage their own finances. Court-appointed to manage and protect an individual's financial affairs.

Probate Estate Administration

Probate Estate Administration

Serve as personal representative to administer all aspects of a decedent's estate, whether testate or intestate, including sale of real and personal property, tax preparation, and other actions necessary to distribute the estate.

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