The knowledgeable professionals at Pegasus Fiduciary Services, LLC help individuals and families by acting as trustees, conservators and personal representatives.

About Pegasus Fiduciary Services, LLC

The estate planning attorneys at the law firm, Draneas & Huglin, P.C., created Pegasus Fiduciary Services, LLC because they recognized the lack of options that were available to their clients who needed the services of a professional trustee, conservator, or personal representative. Pegasus Fiduciary Services, LLC offers a unique approach to providing fiduciary services.


Our fiduciaries are attorneys and legal assistants with an extensive background in estate and tax planning, trust administration, probate, and business law. Each of our attorney fiduciaries has obtained one or more advanced degrees in business, administration or taxation and possesses a sophisticated knowledge of trusts, estates and tax planning.


We recognize that each of our clients presents a unique set of circumstances and tailor our services to the particular needs of each client. Our knowledge and skills allow us to be competitive with larger banks and trust companies, but our smaller size allows us to accept clients with smaller trusts or estates and assist with unusual situations. Our use of fiduciaries with legal assistant experience provides the administrative efficiency and the reasonable cost associated with a private fiduciary.


Our fiduciaries adhere to the highest ethical standards of the profession. Pegasus Fiduciary Services, LLC is bonded for each trust or estate it administers.

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