The knowledgeable professionals at Pegasus Fiduciary Services, LLC help individuals and families by acting as trustees, conservators and personal representatives.

Flexible. Professional. Ethical.

Pegasus Fiduciary Services provides professional fiduciary services to individuals and families who require assistance with managing or settling an estate. Our fiduciaries are lawyers and legal assistants with backgrounds in trusts and estates, income and estate tax, and business law.


Pegasus Fiduciary Services will act as a court-appointed, bonded conservator to manage the financial affairs of individuals who are unable to manage their own affairs.

Our fiduciaries, two of whom are certified public accountants, are particularly well-qualified to handle difficult conservatorships that may require collaboration with a forensic accountant to reconstruct financial records and to participate in litigation, including elder financial abuse.

What is a Conservatorship?

A conservatorship is a court-supervised legal process that provides management for the financial affairs of individuals deemed by the court to be financially incapacitated.

What is a Conservator?

A conservator is a manager appointed by the court to protect and manage the financial affairs of persons (minors or adults) who are unable to manage their own financial affairs, and who may be susceptible to financial abuse, fraud or undue influence. Professional fiduciaries are held to the highest standards of accountability, and they offer a higher level of experience and competence than non-professional individuals acting in the same capacity may be able to offer.

Conservators of the Estate

The Circuit Court (usually the Probate Department) may appoint a conservator for the estate of any person who is substantially unable to manage his or her own financial resources or to resist fraud or undue influence. The conservator assumes responsibility for the prudent use and protection of the protected person's assets.

Duties of Conservator

  • Inventory and collect assets
  • Collect income, verify and pay obligations
  • Manage financial assets
  • Hold, secure and invest estate assets
  • Participate in all legal and financial matters regarding the protected person
  • Prepare accountings
  • Prepare and file appropriate tax returns

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