The knowledgeable professionals at Pegasus Fiduciary Services, LLC help individuals and families by acting as trustees, conservators and personal representatives.

Integrated Estate Administration

Pegasus Fiduciary Services is unique in being able to offer clients the full range of services necessary to administer an estate including preparation of all applicable tax returns if a client is not already working with a CPA.

Probate Estate Administration

The attorney fiduciaries at Pegasus Fiduciary Services, LLC together have more than 50 years of experience in probate estate administration. This background enables us, as personal representatives, to handle the sometimes complex financial matters and interpersonal familial relationships that can arise in estate administration.

Our staff members are familiar with the legal requirements of probate in Oregon. This background gives us extensive knowledge of probate procedures, preparation of statutory forms and pleadings, and mediation of disputes.

Additionally, our staff of attorneys and CPAs are available to prepare all federal and Oregon tax returns related to an estate including a decedent's final income tax returns, fiduciary income tax returns, and death tax returns.

What Does a Personal Representative Do?

  • Locate, study and file original will with court
  • Inventory and safeguard assets
  • Collect income, verify and pay obligations
  • Manage investments
  • Review stock holdings/confer with brokers
  • Assist with gathering information for tax return preparation
  • Consult with accountants and attorneys
  • Secure personal property
  • Manage decedent's business (if applicable)
  • Notify beneficiaries and creditors
  • Prepare and file accounting
  • Produce financial reports
  • Distribute estate or, if no will, determine heirs according to law

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